Product Design & Modeling [VIII]

Web and media Product Design

The 3D designs below are mostly conceptual designs for training and fun purposes only, we do not engage or support any military or hostile activity of any kind and most flying objects below may not be realistically applied as they may lack logical aerodynamic properties; just enjoy the concepts.

Storm Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning Detergents

STORM Household Products is a project in progress. The main task is to create very slim lower volume household cleaning bottles, such as Bleach, Disinfectant, Dish wash liquid, Detergent, Clothes Softener, Hand wash Soap Liquid, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and All purpose cleaner.

Hellcat Motor Oil

Hellcat SRT Motor Oil

A motor oil bottle dedicated as a tribute to the legendary Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT featuring the vicious identity of this American muscle car.

What if? ... Ferrari made faucets!

Tetarossa Handwash Basin

A fun concept of a wash basin and a faucet that features bits and pieces of the vintage Ferrari Testarossa (Type F110) which was popular in the mid eighties and nineties. The faucet is a dual exhaust, the lever controls the flow of hot and cold water and there is thermometer as well.

TV, Curved TV, PC Monitor & Compound Screen.

Saudi Vision 2030 TV Simulation

Several model designs of TVs, computer monitor and a compound screen visualizing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. The models were created for an online advertisement.

Cigar & Ashtray Model

Cigar Ashtray product Design

This cigar and ashtray model was created as an accessory for a liquor visual photo ad. In some cases it is almost impossible to find and buy accessories that match your scene or atmosphere, that is why you need to contact us to create a custom design.

'deutti ®' Sanitary Materials

deutti Sanitary Materials 3D Product Design

The concept is simple, if you have a high faucet (tap) it will create lots of water splashes when washing small objects, Larger kitchen cooking ware won't maneuver easily under a small faucet, so why not have both & switch between them. The "deutti" dual faucet water mixer is the optimum solution. We imagined the concept, created and designed 6 Models, and branded them as well.

Flash Light Visualization

Flash Light Product Design

The bottom right photo above shows the actual flash light. As an exercise we decided to redraw and model this flash light piece by piece and assemble it in Solidworks and render it. Notice the top left photo, it simulates a lighting model.

Crocodile / Alligator Clips

Aligator Crocodile Clip

At web and media when we send clients simulated models we tend to include a note or add an identification or description to the modeled item, just like real life we simulate reality 100%.

Product Design Tips (8/8)

The best design practice is to aquire techniques along the way. Whatever object you come across, go and try to design it, learn how it is made as you will never know when a similar project may crawl into your lap. Crazy concept: Do it! Something you have or you saw, go and 3d model it as well. An complex product that is so scary difficult, try to model it.

12 Design Steps

  1. Brainstorm and Define the Product.
  2. Research and Sketch.
  3. 3D Design and Prototype.
  4. Produce Samples
  5. Test the Samples.
  6. Start Production.
  7. Quality Assurance.

Be Careful (Scale Issues)

Always set design with 1:1 Scale Ratio, once done you may scale it up or down for 3D Printing. Do not substitute millimeters for meters and say I will scale it later, as some materials and objects have relative thickness to structure and shape.

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