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The four major categories of our work are Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Branding & Corporate Profiles. In addition to other creative works that we perform such as Advertising and Graphic Design.

 Logo Design

Logo Design Portfolio

So far We have designed and created over 600 logos for hundreds of entities spread across the globe, and almost covered every type of business and field of work. It is just the tip of the iceberg in our logo portfolio.

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  Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity portfolio

Over 100 corporate identities created so far, all include a detailed Guideline and Corporate Identity Manual (Contact us to request a sample).
Hence that, a Sample CI requires notification and approval of the owner.

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Branding Portfolio

In addition to FMCG , we have engaged in branding all types of services, from computer softwares, insurance plans, events, promotions, festivals, sales campaigns, occasions, to buildings and construction projects.

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 Corporate Profiles

Corporate Profiles

A corporate profile is more of a solid proof that is constantly required by medium to large firms in order to bid for projects and exhibit their capabilities and showcase their products and services.

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Us On Facebook

Always keep an eye on our facebook page. We usually post our creative work immediately after it is finished.

Our Facebook page is continuously updated at a higher frequency than our website.

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Web Design

The Web Design & Development service is still available at "web and media" as our name implies, but only on selective basis.

The web design services are mostly dedicated to our Corporate Identity clients only as a component of the Full Corporate Identity Package.

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