Logo Design I Portfolio

Take your time to go through our logo portfolio (Just 8 pages and more than 200 logo designs), below are about 20% of our actual portfolio.

Towards the bottom of the page, we have included several tips and hints regarding logo design and color choice for potential clients, graphic design students and beginners in graphic design.

The last two pages (Page 7 and Page 8) of our logo portfolio (Logo Design VII and Logo Design VIII) are dedicated to Brand Logos.

Live in Lebanon (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Live in Lebanon

Mirna Jurdi Beauty Center (logo design - Corporate Identity - Beirut, Lebanon)

Mirna Jurdi Beauty Center

Emaco - Air Condtioning (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)


Mother Day Festival (logo design - Abu Dhabi, UAE)

مهرجان عيد الأم

Trusted Systems Consultancy  (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Trusted Systems Consultancy

Tawfeer Phone  (logo design - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Tawfeer Phone

Dubai Dolphinarium (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Dubai Dolphinarium

Real Pilates (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Real Pilates

Al-Basateen (logo design - Dubai, UAE)


Sahriyeh Lebanese Restaurant (logo design - Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Sahrieh Restaurant

Bessentials Group (logo design - Vienna, Austria)

Bessentials Group

Fairstyle Entertainments Events (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Fairstyle Entertainment

ConnectSat (logo design - London, United kingdom)

ConnectSat (UK)

The Gate Istanbul (logo design - Istanbul, Turkey)

The Gate Istanbul

Lagora Real Estate (logo design - Dubai, UAE, Paris, France)

Lagora Real Estate

ِAPEX Engineering and manufacturing(logo design - Simi Valley, CA, USA)

APEX Eng. & Mfg.

Cyber Managers - Information Technology and Cyber Security (Logo Design - Dubai, UAE)

Cyber Managers

Zakaria Cafe (logo design - Qornayel, Lebanon)

Zakaria Cafe

Lebanon 2019 Revolution (logo design - All of Lebanon)

ثورة 2019 كلن يعني كلن

Logo Design Tip (1/5)

Fine logos must be viewable and recognizable in black and white as well as in color.

The more solid the logo is, the higher the impression & impact on your customers and more recognizable on your business card.

Color Choice (1/5)

Always choose a color that matches your field of business or near one of your hero products.

Do not go for very flashy colors if your target audience are above 35 years old..

Logo Proportion (1/2)

The most successful proportion for a logo is 4:3, it will easily fit everywhere and will have enough safe space around it.

For example, It is not recommended to go for 6:1 because you prefer to cover the whole lobby sign or span it across your truck !

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