Product Design & Modeling [III]

Top Liquor Bottle Designs

Each and every single design is unquestionably based on a historical or cultural theme. This section features more liquor bottle designs but based on additional themes such as favorite TV shows, country songs, or famous characters.

Caballo Diablo Añejo Tequila

Caballo Diablo Tequila

Caballo Diablo Añejo Tequila or Devil Horse Aged Tequila as the name is translated. The name derives from the famous country song which was well sung by the late Charlie Daniels and his band. We created the devil horse logo and embossed it on a bottle of our own design. More at: Behance »

Ekaterina Russian Vodka

Ekaterina Russian Vodka

Ekaterina or Catherine (II)The Great (1729 - 1796 A.D.) was the reigning empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796. She came to power after overthrowing her husband, Peter III. More at: Behance »

Old Oak Tree Rum

Old Oak Tree Rum

The Old Oak Tree Original Rum features a unique bottle design twisted just like the trunk and roots of a real oak tree. The box lights up and changes color by pushing a button. More at: Behance »

Manhattan Brandy

Manhattan Brandy

Manhattan Brandy bottle shape is inspired from the "One World Trade Center" in New York.The design looks simple but it is very complex to get it right, look closer and you will get it. More at: Behance »

Arak Zawzani عرق الزوزني

Arak Zawzani

Arak Zawzani features a droplet shape bottle that is packaged in a wax sealed letter or order from the ruler or Khalifat, as for the name it refers to a town in Persia More at: Behance »

221b Baker St. Dry Gin

Dry Gin Bottle Design

221b Baker St. is the home address of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes in London. The bottle shape is unique and packaged in a display box with 2 drinking glasses. More at: Behance »

November Blues 25Y Whiskey

Whiskey Wooden Gift Box

November Blues 25 Years Scotch Whiskey, is very musical from theme to logo to the packaging itself is a tribute to the late Blues artist Ray Charles. The box houses 1 bottle, 2 glasses, club membership and a CD. More at: Behance »

November Blues 18Y Whiskey

Whiskey CD Box

November Blues 18 Years Scotch Whiskey, is very musical as well. The box houses 1 bottle and 2 corrugated rubber slaps, once the bottle is finished the box becomes a CD Case. More at: Behance »

Product Design Tips (3/8)

Volume Alert: try always to abide by acceptable bottle volumes based on the type of liquid and competition. 750ml and 1L are standard for liquors, it is not feasible to design a 600ml or 1.2L bottles for example.

Effective Design

  1. Define the general product vision.
  2. Research and understand your target audience.
  3. Brainstorm specific and various designs.
  4. Create prototypes and mockups.
  5. Be flexible, but not too flexible.
  6. Test, test & test again the product.
  7. Do changes based on user feedback.

Be Careful (Bottle Height)

The taller the bottle, the more unlikely to fit in a liquor cabinet or between bar shelves. To increase the volume, increase the width not the height. Try to stay within the 12 inches limit, unless the design is to fancy and must be tall.

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