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Everyone loves watches, although some do not wear them, but if you are a watch enthusiast, you'll probably appreciate a fine design. Each watch we design is based on areal life theme or purpose; from aviation, sports to muscle cars and in some cases to ancient gods.

My personal favorite is the "Strike Master" series as I (Fadi M. Abul Husn) designed it as both a challange and to feed my private passion in aviation. If you notice the red and green beads in the middle of the watch, these represent the navigation lights of an aircraft i.e. Red = Left = Port and Green - Right = Starboard. Moreover, the hands of the watch are exactly like the hands of old aircrafts Altimeter, so Enjoy, and let me hear from you.

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Strike Master Watches US

Product Design USA StrikeMaster Watches

The StrikeMaster is the ultimate Drone Pilot watch, it features an Azimuth & a Wind Direction feature by revolving the inner mid bezel with a left side crown, and by rotating the top bezel as well. Another interesting feature is the long duration chronograph up to 60 hours.

Arctikos Watches EU

Arctikos Watches Product Design Europe

Arctikos watches are dedicated to archery fans and are available in 3 variations: The Classic with an additional day feature, The Pro-Archer bears an imprinted wind table. As for the Tournament model it is with a built in magnetic north compass.

Hellcat SRT Watches INT

Hellcat SRT Watches International Product Design

Hellcat watches are a tribute to the legendary Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. It features lot of elements from the car, such as identical dashboard, buttons just like the tail lights and the crown is identical to the alloy wheels and many more.

Cedarium Watches LB

Product Design Lebanon Cedarium Watches

Cedarium watches are mechanical movement / automatic watches and require no batteries. The Baal model features a built in window to view inner machinery, as for the Ishtar models; they feature an AM/PM indicator of Sun and Moon.

MonCedar Watches LB

MonCedar Watches Product Design Lebanon

MonCedar watches come in three variations which are recognized from bezel shape and dial elements. Each model; Classic, Jerroud and Suba, comes as well in 4 color variations.

Infantry FS-012 (Simulation Only)

Watch Product Design and Simulation

Infantry watches are a well known brand, we did not design this model but we simulated & visualized it based on an existing physical model that I personally own. The whole process was as an exercise and a 3D design trial. The challange was to take accurate measurements without taking the time piece apart, but the most interesting in this project that we created a realistic animation video based on gear ratios 1:60:3600 for H/M/S.

The Caliper (Measuring Tool)

Product Design Caliper Measuring Tool

The Caliper, although it does not belong to the Watch Design Section, but no Product Design can be achieved without one in your hand. Moreover when we design minature items we include a caliper in the simulation. Most 3D models we design are accurate up to 1:100 of a mm i.e. 2 decimals.

MTA Size Estimation Tool (3D)

Product Design Size Measuring Tool

MTA This is just a 3D ruler that we often use when we send along a designed model to a client or when we want to do just a quick visual size comparison. The MTA-330 indicates XYZ & an angular measurement, as for the MTA-210 it is just XY and an angle.

Product Design Tips (4/8)

A good habit is to "Measure Twice, Cut Once", try to avoid double cutting as this will either be difficult or uneasy in production. A hole in the mold is better than to drill a hole at later stage.

Materials Tip

In real life materials look and act differently, first know your materials, second differentiate and identify your materials in the design process, third check materials compatibility.

Be Careful (Materials)

Some materials cannot be assembled together without a seal or barrier, glass and metal for example require a rubber seal in between. Take into account that materials expand at different rates as well.

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