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We believe that every great deed is rewarded, if not financially then probably morally. As the deeds add up, they become returns on investments and referrals for new business.

With over 600 clients served so far, our work speaks for itself. The loyalty of most of our clients is beyond impressive due to the great trust they embed in the quality of our services, delivery time and feasible rates.

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What clients say about "web and media" & "Identity Dubai".

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Our Clients

Our Clients at web and media

Our clients are one of the largely priceless assets that we value the most. We are very proud with our references that have amassed through the years. As a means of gratitude for their trust in our capabilities and appreciation of the long term relationship, we tend to thank all and promise to continue with our services as efficient, creative and as timely as ever.

Lebanon (Alphabetical Order)

  • Accaoui Jewelry
  • Adaimy Studios
  • ADC
  • ADP
  • Akaria Co. sarl.
  • Alexco
  • Al-Jabal Travel
  • Alma Water
  • Ambar Establishment.
  • ANID Emballage
  • AquaMedics
  • ArteCasa
  • Azar Electric
  • B.I.S.
  • Beyond Tech. (Lebanon)
  • Cave Kouroum
  • Cedars Rent A Car
  • Challenge Air
  • Dar Al Handasah
  • DHL Techno Power (Lebanon)
  • Dr. Paul Yazbek
  • Ejjeh Group
  • Emaco s.a.r.l.
  • ERGA Group
  • Evercool / Coolcubes
  • Exclusive Café
  • Exclusive Technologies
  • First Baptist Bible Church
  • FTC
  • GECC
  • GM Habis
  • Hadath Eastern Lions Club
  • Higher Metn Lions Club
  • HIMC
  • Honey Hosn Art Gallery
  • I.Network
  • ICS
  • IE Communication
  • Illusions Interactive
  • IRWA
  • Jacteco Mechanical
  • Jamal Aboul Hosn
  • KM Int. - Health Tourism
  • LebHost
  • LEBinfo
  • Liban 2000
  • Libancom
  • LiL - Live in Lebanon
  • Linfra
  • Lions Clubs - District 351
  • Manalco
  • Middleeast and Africa Bank
  • Mirna Jurdi Beauty Center
  • Mixat Nuts & Spices
  • MultiTenders
  • Mymouné
  • NetLink
  • Palm Beach Hotel
  • PCS
  • Phoenix Pictures Int.
  • PineLand
  • Pixel Software
  • Profiles Software
  • RIMG
  • Rois Du Bois
  • Rotary Club of Upper Metn
  • Shahd Rent A Car
  • SMS Computer
  • Soukna
  • Specialty Voice Center
  • TAC
  • TASK Ltd.
  • The Four Stars Hotel
  • Triple C
  • Tusnea (Lebanon)
  • ZAK Mechanical Construction

U.A.E. (Alphabetical Order)

  • 2XL Furniture & Home Decor
  • Advanced Data Solutions
  • Al Ghandi
  • Al-Basateen Properties
  • Al-Habtoor
  • Al-Hanoo
  • Al-Nabooda
  • Al-Suweidi Engineering
  • Al-Yarmouk
  • American Excellence Medical Center
  • Beyond Events Management
  • Car Accessories House
  • Chescor Capital
  • Desert Adventures Tourism
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • DU
  • Elite Dome
  • Emirates NBD (Bank)
  • Etisalat
  • Galadari Group
  • Gardens Trading DMCC
  • GCC net
  • Goldstar Trading DMCC
  • Grand Stores (Nikon)
  • Hamriah Free Zone
  • High Society Real Estate
  • ICL Inspectorate
  • IMC
  • Intragulf Group FZC
  • Ishraqa
  • Jadaf Dubai
  • Jamal Al-Ghurair Group
  • Lagora Investments
  • Majed AL Futtaim Group
  • Mace Group / Mace Macro - Emaar
  • Marina 101 Residence
  • Megamall (Sharjah)
  • Megamart (Sharjah)
  • Mini Yum Yum
  • Mubarak Marine
  • National Auto - GMC
  • Omnes Media
  • Original Real Estate
  • Parasol Garden Furniture
  • RAK Bank
  • Real Pilates
  • Reef Real Estate Investments.
  • Right Communication
  • Right Communication Advertising
  • Rixos Hotels
  • Securities & Commodities Authority
  • Sirius International Trading
  • Smartrack
  • SMC - Sanitary Materials Co.
  • Tejari
  • Twofold Real Estate
  • UNAR Aero Fuel
  • United Industries
  • Viewtec
  • Voglia

Saudi Arabia

  • Al Fares Holding (9)
  • Al Fares Trading Co. (FTC)
  • Alfaljan Holding
  • Bin Laden Group
  • Beyond Travel
  • JAL Industries

Other Arab Countries

  • AD City (Kuwait)
  • Exen Group (Kuwait)
  • NKYM (Kuwait)
  • Bekker Maccos MRC (Oman)
  • OSHA (Qatar)
  • Qatar Foundation (Qatar)
  • Blue Nile Trading (Sudan)
  • Cevital (Algeria)
  • Bait El Mal (Mauritania)


  • Apex
  • Bright Books
  • CorridorTech
  • Deoshop
  • Devisinc
  • Dynamic Design
  • General Motors
  • HCF Trading
  • Individual Investor
  • Mancini Alkateeb
  • Maypole Transport
  • Paladian Technologies
  • Royal Spa
  • SPA Club
  • Steel Creek Developers
  • Straight River Sports


  • Abraxas Capital
  • Al-Dar Restaurant
  • Arab Satellite Systems
  • Chescor Capital
  • Coastline
  • ConnectSat
  • Fallow's Plantation
  • LOE
  • Orient Quest
  • VIPnet
  • Water Wonders


  • Consult It (Germany)
  • Flink (Germany)
  • Online Market Platz (Germany)
  • Sussane Bruner (Germany)
  • 360 Orientation (Switzerland)
  • e-stats (France)
  • Pronergy (France)
  • Logra Real Estate (France)
  • Pibitz (Austria)
  • Bessentials Group (Austria)
  • Casabellissima (Italy)
  • Zalengo (Italy)
  • MEI (Cyprus)
  • Faraway(Belgium)
  • Orix International (Czech Republic)
  • Vision Mall (Bulgaria)

Other Countries

  • Master Medic (Canada)
  • Evernia Holding (New Zealand)
  • Evernia Group (New Zealand)
  • RISK (Azerbaijan)
  • ADS Systems (Azerbaijan)
  • PlastMaster Trading (Turkey)
  • The Gate (Turkey)
  • JJ Drinks (Singapore)
  • Telecom Global Specialties (Nigeria)
  • ii - innovative industries (South Africa)
  • Barclays Bank (International)


  • Nestle (UAE / Switzerland)
  • LG (UAE/Korea)
  • Samsung (UAE/Korea)
  • Philips (UAE/EU)
  • Tissot (UAE/Switzerland)
  • HP (UAE/USA)
  • Huwawi (UAE/China)
  • HTC (UAE/China)
  • Seattle i-Tech (UAE/USA)
  • Starphone (UAE/China)
  • Sungate Capital Partners (UAE/Hong Kong)
  • AL-JASR Trading (Turkey/UAE)
  • Maras Turka (Turkey/UAE)
  • Voglia (UAE/Denmark)
  • Fine & Country (UAE/UK)
  • Barooda Bank (UAE/India)
  • Geely (UAE/China)

Top of the list


Throughout the project, we were impressed by the professionalism, prompt communication, and genuine concern for customer satisfaction. More impressive is the fact that the entire project was coordinated via email and within the agreed upon budget.

We will, without a doubt, choose Identity Dubai to handle all of our future graphic design needs.

Consult IT | Hamburg - Germany.

I would recommend to any business, particularly a professional services firm that is looking to plan its growth and create its position within the marketplace.

Elite Dome Real Estate | Dubai

Following exhausted efforts, we were pleased to eventually meet up with Fadi who had a clear knowledge and understanding of our requirements.

The input from their team who was tremendous, thus giving us precise and practical layouts to be proud of. Thank You.

C.Cholet | ICL Inspectorate - Dubai, UAE

The team has done an excellent job of creating the first release of our project. Even though the project turned out to be more complex than expected. Instead they worked harder to accomplish the task.

Communication was superb. They will undoubtedly be our choice number one for any future project.

IMC | Business Services | Dubai - UAE.

The project has been widely acknowledged as a success and we are indebted to the quality of strategic thinking, professionalism and commitment shown by Web and Media throughout. We look forward to continuing to work with Fadi in the future.

T. Suto | Dynamech Design | IL., USA

web and media delivers a knockout performance every single time! They have what it takes in the global economy to bring your company to the top! What is even better… You get a Porsche for the price of a Honda. Truly a company that you can count on for uncompromising and unsurpassed world-class service!

360 Orientation Management Consultants | Berne - Switzerland.

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