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A corporate identity is not limited to logo design, stationery sets, signage, vehicle branding and costumes, there are merely the tip of the iceberg. Creating a true corporate identity is best described as creating a human being, giving this life form a personality, attitude, tone of voice and tasks in life.

An identity requires a full study of the current client's field of business and a foresight of future opportunities, changes and business upgrades. Thus and identity embeds a theme, a vision and an implementation plan to maintain the predefined trajectory and keep the firm on track to reach all preset goals.

Unison Capital Investment (UAE)

Unison Capital Investment (Corporate Identity Design, Dubai, UAE)>

Unison Capital Investment L.L.C. was incepted as a first of its kind pioneering health care project in the United Arab Emirates.  The concept in fact is very innovative and will be a guiding star for health care entities across the Middle East and Gulf countries to follow.

We created for UCI a full identity along with a full company profile.

Inshaa إنشاء

Inshaa (Corporate Identity Design, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

A full corporate identity for a company that is heavily involved in some of the top projects in UAE. Their field of activity includes contracting and logistics.

The theme was simple, since the word "inshaa" starts with a "hamza ء " and ends with another, and we needed to indicate speed rather than a heavy linguist break, we made the Arabic diacritical mark to look like a hawk, which in turn is the country's emblem.

Real Pilates (UAE)

Real Pilates(Corporate Identity Design, Dubai, UAE)

Real Pilates is completely focused on wellbeing. It is more of a sanctuary where you can de-stress, restore, reconnect and grow. a truly positive force for good. Their aim is to enrich life by developing fitness and wellbeing.

We were very involved in creating the general ambiance and theme of the 1st and later the 2nd branch that made the identity very entangled with reality.

Origin Properties (UAE)

Origin Properties (Corporate Identity Design, Dubai, UAE)

A totally new concept to the realty business. This real estate consulting firm is different, as they acquire a project, change the concept, name, theme and overall purpose. Then apply their own property management techniques and methods.

We had a very pleasant experience with this specific client, since almost every couple of months month we handled a new identity for a new project.

Al-Fares Holding (KSA)

Al-Fares Holding (Corporate Identity Design, Dubai, KSA, Saudi Arabia)

Al-Fares Holding is one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent holding firms, holding eight subsidiaries in several industries such as building materials, metals, plastics, information technology, automation operations, real estate, transportation, contracting and finally investment.

The Al-Fares project was a series of continuous projects for "web and media" & "Identity Dubai", where we created 11 corporate identities and 11 corporate profiles for the holding firm and its subsidiaries.

Beyond Diets (by Nadine)

Beyond Diets Corporate Identity Design, Beirut, Lebanon)

One of our most favorite identity projects to date. We created a simple personalized identity for a nutrition consultant that initiated a healthy catering service.

"Beyond Diets" is a promising health oriented venture, that learns about your habits and health concerns and works to set nutritional goals and tailor them to needs.

Suweidi (Consulting Engineers)

Suweidi (Corporate Identity Design, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

.A consulting engineering firm that is very strict in applying international standards in every task they undertake.

Being very meticulous in their routines, with an army of German, Swiss and French engineers poking into the slightest detail; this was a project that elevated our self confidence as we were the only agency to succeed in satisfying this tough client's requirements.

Trusted Systems Consultancy

Trusted Systems Consultancy (Corporate Identity Design, Dubai, UAE)

Trusted Systems Consultancy are specialized in cyber security and digital investigations as well as being forensics experts.

They offers a full range of key services designed to help organizations including governmental entities prepare and respond to incidents (or clients’ incidents) with the strictest of confidence and non-disclosure.


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We are very strict with both our employees and clients regarding the use of cliparts. Although most design agencies take this shortcut that strays them away from originality; but not us.

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