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Being generous with our experience, we tend to share it with our clients all the way from conceptualization to perception,consequently running side by side with our clients to insure that their message and/or product reaches and satisfies their customers or target audience.

Although we are specialized in Corporate Identity & Branding, we tackle every aspect in this process from researching consumer behavior, market analysis, brand perception, economical demand and supply, product positioning and all the way to the least detail such as content, usage, ingredients, nutritional and health facts. In several projects we were deep down to our necks in the manufacturing and testing processes.

Our creative services are numerous and versatile and are not limited to the list below. From time to time we engage in projects that stray us away from our standard preset services. Such projects go as far as product design, interior design and exhibition booth design.

Logo Design

We create and design logos and trade marks for all types of entities and various types of businesses, as well as social and personal.

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Corporate Identity

We convert your visions to an identities or personality that defines your businesses scope of work and field of operation.

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It could be juice, crackers, ketchup, perfume, jewelry, electronics, CD, clothing, or any consumer product; simply we brand it!

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3D Product Design

No matter how small or large your business is, we are specialized in expanding your company profile; the sky is the limit. View the examples.

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Additional Services

Possible Service

No matter how small or large your business is, we are specialized in expanding your company profile; the sky is the limit. Know More »


Structural package design and product packaging, in addition to virtual mockup visualization and simulation of your current or planned product. We create from scratch all types of packages, canisters, jars, bottles, cardboard, plastic or even a combination of all.


We design and create technical sheets and presentations for your products and projects, this includes all icons, graphics, visuals, graphs, infographics, time-lines, tables, bar and pie charts; in any format of your preference such as Microsoft PowerPoint™ (PPTX), Adobe Acrobat™ (PDF), Keynote™, Prezi™ or Issuu.

Graphic Design

All services that fall within Graphic Design; such as stationery, brochures, leaflets, handouts, fliers, posters, business cards, stickers, letterheads, envelopes, rollups, wall murals, signs and signage, vehicle branding, gift items, custom trophies and awards, certificates, greeting cards, calendars and many many more... »


Magazines, Newspapers, Outdoor Advertising and all indoor as well, fall within this category. We conceptualize from brief (or not) and prepare a full fledged printed media and marketing campaign. Advertising Portfolio »

Every new corporate identity requires a detailed guideline that sets the rules of usage and how to use on various applications and mediums.
Rest assured that if you are seeking a 'Catchy' Name for your brand or company, we wile do the name induction exercise to help you find the right name, along with a compatible slogan.
Creation of Technical Specifications Sheets & User Manuals for products with detailed instructions and associated illustrations, graphs & schematics.


We have received so far more than 9 Genuine & Original International Awards from USA, Europe & GCC.

We are acknowledged of creating over 600 active company logos and possess the largest logo portfolio among all design agencies in the GCC & Mena regions.

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Our design policy and creative methods in the creation process has long been established, deciplined and governed by strict methodological rules since 1996 and deployed by Fadi M. Abul Husen " at web and media" to maintain the highest standards in all design processes.

In all projects we totally conform and abide to a stern itinerary, and try our best not to deviate from the predefined brief, scope and path. (Although some projects force us to go crazy).

Current Services

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Creation
  • Product Design
  • Product Branding
  • Brand implementations
  • Brand research and analysis
  • Marketing Materials
  • Advertising
  • 2D Modeling & Visualization
  • Corporate slogans & taglines
  • Visual identity guidelines
  • Stationery / Collaterals design
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Package Design & Labeling
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Technical Sheets Design
  • Copywriting (Write up)
  • Pre-Qualification Documentation
  • Company Profile Preparation
  • Press releases / Newsletters
  • Infographics (Infografix) Design
  • Social Media Services

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