Packaging Design (I)

Packaging Design

Packaging Design is one of our major creative services at 'web and media', as we are specialized in creating & designing all sorts of packaging mediums from paper, carton, cardboard, flute, plastic, nylon, wood, to various sheet metal folding sush as tin and flexible materials as aluminum foil. Some special cases require custom hybrid materials or a combination of several materials for both aesthetics and/or rigidity.

Mind that packaging is never a straight forward task and requires extensive study of the product material, content, weight, volume, etc., and all the way to light sensitivity and safety.

Note that 'web and media' is featured on "Packaging of The World" blog.

Arak Korkomaz Liquor packaging

Arak Korkomaz Packaging - Lebanon

 Wine Packaging

Marie Antoinette Wine Packaging - France

Vodka packaging

KGB Vodka Packaging - Russia

Gin Packaging United Kingdom

221 Baket St. Gin - UK

Vodka Packaging Russia

Ekaterina Vodka - Russia

Whiskey Packaging Scotland

Crucifix Sword Scotch Whiskey (Plastic/Resin)

Trantor Scotch Whiskey Packagting USA

Trantor Whiskey (Mechanical Packaging)

Brandy Packaging USA

Micanopy Brandy Packaging Fl. USA

Cognac Packaging

Cognac De Beauvau - France

Wine Advanced Packaging

Vinomo Wine (Complex Box Packaging) - Italy

Tequila packaging

Caballo Diablo Tequila - Mexico

Champagne Poker Packaging

QH & JS Sparkling Wine Poker Set

5 Packaging Tips:

  1. Show your brand on the Package
  2. Describe what's inside
  3. Try to show 'What's Inside'
  4. Easily Stackable & easy to carry
  5. Make sure the design is neat as a gift

Value Added Packaging

If you can include a gift or a useful item in your product package, or if you can make the package itself useful for any other purpose after the product is consumed or used, then you have perfected it.

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