Product Design & Modeling [VI]

3D Various Product Designs

This section features several unrelated miscellaneous designs, from utilities, interior design, structured engineering, and other uncategorized stuff you encounter everywhere in your daily life. Some designs are conceptual and others fall into visualization of real existing items you encounter every day.

Overland Working Couch

Interior Design Product Design

Branded as "Overland" just like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this couch features separate reclining backs, mechanical working tray storage, arm rests that revolve to be head rests and even cup holders.

Liquor Storage Couch Set

Interior Design Storage Couch Set

Each couch of this elegant set is equipped with a rear cabinet to store your liquor and glasses. The down under side can host 3 bottles of different sizes suitable for wine, cognac and brandy..

The Orville Chairs

Interior Design Novelty Chair

A novelty chair of a single curved structural framework with ball bearing bottom to revolve. Inspired from the deck of the imaginary spaceship of the TV series "The Orville". The table is smart as well with a Plexi-glass bucket for ice.

Orville Mini Chairs

Interior Design Cute Chair

A smaller version of the same concept of the Orville Chairs that can be made of several material such as wood, plastic, carbon fiber, glass fiber or even aluminum.

Aircraft Hangar Structural Design

Structural Engineering - Aircraft Hangar

A steel structural engineering concept of an aircraft hangar for military use, Designed in actual real size dimensions: Height: 12m / Width: 30m / Length: 21m (notice man figure for size comparison) to house and maintain military UAVs and drones.

Special Purpose Shipping Container

Product Design - Shipping Container

For a special design project and for consumer product packing simulation as well we created a standard 20 Cu. Ft. Container. Dealing with product design on a daily basis, clients require simulation of packages in containers.

What if ?... Lamborghini Made Frying Pans!

Lamborghini Frying Pan

A fun concept, "What if ? Lamborghini Made Frying Pans!". Based on their design style of angled edges and hexagonal shapes, we created this frying pan for sports cars enthusiasts who attempt to cook from time to time.

Aluminum Profile Simulation

Aluminum Profile Simulation

A simulation made for a client based on an actual diagram of the real product. The exercise was to show the various elements and simulate assembly and opening motion.

Product Design Tips (6/8)

3D Design Software like Solidwors, Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360 will tell you the weight and volume of your product. Unlike Blender, Rhino 3D, Cinema 4D or Sketch it which are good for visualization and animation only.

Materials (Wood)

Wood is a beautiful material to work with especially when rendered, produced, or painted. Remember that bending wood is possible but it is a very tedious and long process which makes it very expensive.

Be Careful Assembly Spacing

The most common mistake an inexperienced designer do is forgetting to give some space or exceed the appropriate spacing. Spacing requires first knowing your material thickness and type, second you cannot force two identical dimensions into each other without deforming one of them or both.

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