Logo Design VI Portfolio

Abra Media (logo design Arabic Calligraphy - Dubai, UAE)

Arabic Logo:عبرا ميديا

Mezal Cafe (logo design Arabic Calligraphy - Dubai, UAE)

Arabic Logo: مزل كافيه

web and media (Arabic Calligraphy Inhouse Test)

Arabic Logo: وب أند ميديا

Nawf Almarzooq (logo design Arabic Calligraphy - Kuwait)

Arabic Logo: نوف المرزوق

The Cup Bakery (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

The Cup Bakery

Too Extreeme Action House (logo design - International)

"Too Extreeme" Action House

Voltrac International (logo design - Muscat, Oman)

Voltrac International

Dynamech Design (logo design - United States of America USA)

Dynamech Design (USA)

ADC Air Distribution Center (logo Design - Lebanon)

ADC - Lebanon

AutoParche (logo Design - Lebanon - Italy)


 Moment Cash(logo Design - Lebanon)

Moment Cash

JiOptic (logo Design - Lebanon)

Ji Optic

To Rebuild Beirut (Logo Design)

Rebuilding Beirut

LEBMAIL Logo Design


Sprezzatura (Italy) Logo

Sprezzatura (Italy)

Al-Sultan Agriculture Logo

Al-Sultan Agriculture

Simple Logo Advice

No need to squeeze all what you serve, trade or sell in the logo, the logo is a symbol for your business name, it is not your list of products and services.

Explore Alternative Colors

A good thing is to see samples of your chosen logo in various colors before your final approval. But be logical in your choice of colors and best to have relevant to your field of business.

New Logo & Heritage

If your business have been there for tens of years or 100 years or more, do not change the logo, give it just a face lift. Ask only a professional designer for a face lift not some design monkey to do it.

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