Logo Design III Portfolio

Tusnea (Corporate Identity Lebanon)

Tusnea تصنيع

Beyond Events Management (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Beyond Events Management

Phoenix Yachts (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Phoenix Yachts

Fashion World Dubai (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Fashion World Dubai

SPA Resources International (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

SPA Resources Int.

ADS - Advancved Data Systems (logo design - Dubai, UAE, Baku, Azerbaijan)

ADS Systems (UAE)

Woodways Wood Works - Decor (logo design corporate identity Beirut Lebanon)

Woodways (Lebanon)

Inshaa Contracting and Transportation (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Inshaa إنشاء

Pibitz (logo design - Vienna, Austria)

Pibitz (Austria)

Central medical Center (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

الأجنحة الطبية المركزية

AEMDC American Excellence Medical and Dental Center (logo design - Dubai, UAE)


AdCity (logo design - Kuwait City, Kuwait)

AdCity (Kuwait)

Devisinc (logo design - USA)

Devisinc (USA)

Phéniciens Restaurant (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon, Dubai, UAE, Muscat, Oman)

Phéniciens Restaurant

Consult-IT (logo design - Hamburg, Germany)

Consult-IT (Gemany)

Ebtkarat Smart Systems (logo design - Dubai, UAE, Central Africa)

Ebtkarat Smart Systems (إبتكارات)

Marina 101 Residence (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Marina 101 Residence (UAE)

Bhebak Ya Lebnan (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Bhebak Ya Lebnan

Seattle Information Technology (logo design - Dubai, UAE, Seattle, USA)

Seattle IT

Suweidi Engineering Consultants (logo design - UAE)

Suweidi Engineering (UAE)

Logo Design Tip (3/5)

If you are changing your current company logo after a decade or two, make sure you emphasize the "Logo type", i.e. your company name, if a customer misses the icon, the text will still catch him/her.

Color Choice (3/4)

When choosing multiple colors for a logo, be careful not to have s very bright color along with a very dark color (unless one is inscribed by the other).

The issue will rise in printing, whatever is the background one of the colors will be lost.


Always make sure you check and double check what an abbreviation may convey, a certain acronym may totally mean something else.

Also never double or triple abbreviate. Just shorten the common legal category in a firm's name such as Est., Ltd., Co. and s.a.r.l.

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