Logo Design II Portfolio

Stars Support Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon)

Stars Support Beirut

One Doner Kebab (UAE/Turkey)

One Doner Kebab

Pearson / Gavin Technologies (USA)

Pearson / Gavin Tech.

Faraway (Belgium)

Faraway (Belgium)

Azar Electric (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Azar Electric

grey and dot events unlimited (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Grey & Dot Events

Elite Dome Real Estate (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Elite Dome Real Estate

Perspective PR - Public Relations Press Releases (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Perspective PR

Festivity Events (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Festivity Events (UAE)

Brand initiative Brand Management (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand Initiative

Pharaohs Club (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Pharaohs Club

Right Communication (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Right Communication

SESS Security Systems (logo design - Muscat, Oman)

SESS (Security Systems)

Gardens Trading (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Gardens Trading

Origin Real Estate(logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Origin Real Estate

Al-Fares Holding (logo design - Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Al-Fares Holding

GMW - Global media Works (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Global media Works

Mini YumYum (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Mini YumYum

High Society Properties and Real Estate (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

High Society Properties

SMC - Sanitary Materials Company (logo design - Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Sanitary Materials Co.

Logo Design Tip (2/5)

Most logos are made of 2 major components: The "Logo Icon" and The "Logo Type". Some logos contain additional features like a separating line, a box, a background shade or some debris; these are called "Logo Accessories", some refer to them as "Enhancements". (Which are not necessarily so!)

Color Choice (2/4)

I personally say, go for this specific color if you are ready to wear it, drive it or paint your house with it.

This is a bit conservative, but be sure the more conservative the color the more it outlives.

Logo Proportion (2/2)

Beware of steeply vertical logo designs, they take lot of longitudinal space. The same applies for logos with long company names exceeding 15 characters, these take as well lot of horizontal space as well.

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