Logo Design V Portfolio

Logo Design Alumarks Aluminum

Alumarks Aluminm (Lebanon)

Logo Design Levant Wines and Liquors

Levant Wines & Liquors

Logo Design Zayoun Chicken

Zayoun Chicken (Lebanon)

Logo Design JJ Juices and Drinks

JJ Juices & Drinks

Logo Design Weyai (UAE)

Weyai IT Services (UAE)

Logo Design Aman Cyber Security (KSA)

Aman Cyber Security (KSA)

Logo Design GMNC Glass

GMNC Glass Industry (Lebanon)

Logo Design Dentist

Dr. Mazen Dental Clinic

Logo Design Contracting

Metecco Contracting (UAE)

Logo Design Union

Union Mechanical Eng. (UAE)

Logo Design Storm Cleaning Household

Storm Household & Cleaning

Logo Design Bakery

Snoubra Bakery

Logo Design Beauty Center

Beauty Zona (Lebanon(

Logo Design Tip (5/5)

Always keep in mind that: " if you pay in peanuts, you get monkeys". Cheap and inexperienced designers tend to wrap & pack anything from Google for a quick buck.

A logo is a marriage that will accompany you and your successors for decades (or for life). Do not go Cheap!

Something like that!

Never ever request a design from a professional and say: "I want something like that!" A professional designer will not copy another design; copying another design will turn back the business to your competitor at a later time.

Too much typefaces.

A single typeface or font and maximum 2 are accepted in a logo. The more fonts used will melt down your identity.

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