Brand Logos (Logos Portfolio V)

This portfolio section 'V' is dedicated to brand logo designs, you may like to check out are our Branding Portfolio Section.

Towards the bottom of the page, we have included several tips and hints regarding logo design and color choice for potential clients, graphic design students and beginners in graphic design.

Brand logo: Sunday Morning Foods (Brand Logo - Oxnard, CA. USA)

Brand: Sunday Morning Foods

Brand logo: Primaqure Cosmetics (Brand logo design - Tallinn, Estonia)

Brand: Primaqure (Cosmetics)

Brand logo: Torta Volla - Flying Cakes (Brand logo design - Aley, Lebanon)

Brand:Torta Volla (Cakes)

Brand logo: Vision Mall - Online Optics Shop and Brand (Brand logo design - Burgas, Bulgaria)

Brand: Vision Mall (Optics)

Brand logo: Grace Café (Brand logo design - Beirut, Lebanon, Dubai, UAE, Muscat, Oman, Doha, Qatar)

Brand: Grace Café (& Venue)

Brand logo: Aquadermi Creams and Lotions (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Aquadermi (Creams/Lotions)

Brand logo: Delorine Bodyshop (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Delorine (Bodyshop Private Brand)

Brand logo: Vitesse Industrial manufacturer (Brand logo design - EU, European Union)

Brand: Vitesse (Bikes-EU)

Brand logo: porcellan (Brand logo design - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Porcellan (Porcelain)

Brand logo: Simat (Brand logo design - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Simat (by Porcellan)

Brand logo: Rawaj (Brand logo design - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Rawaj (by Porcellan)

Brand logo: masar (Brand logo design - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Masar (by Porcellan)

Brand logo: Shamans (Brand logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Brand: Shaman's (Healthy Food)

Brand logo: SwA Oil (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Saha w Afia (Cooking Oil)

Brand logo: Olio (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Oilo (Cooking Oil)

Brand logo: Canolli Oil (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Brand: Canolli (Cooking Oil)

Brand logo: Evercool Water (Brand logo design - Falougha, Lebanon)

Brand: Evercool (water)

Brand logo: Dimanche (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE, Mumbai, India)

Brand: Dimanche (Clothes)

Brand logo: Mixat (Brand logo design Lebanon)

Brand: Mixat (Nuts)

Brand logo: Corsporate Business Wear (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE, Mumbai, India)

Brand: Corsporate (Clothes)

Brand logo: Smartphone (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE, China)

Brand: StarPhone (Mobiles)

Brand logo: Choose Shoes (Branding Beirut Lebanon)

Brand: Choose Shoes (& Shop)

Brand logo: Baby Steps Children Clothes (Brand logo design - Dubai, UAE, Mumbai, India)

Brand: Baby Steps (Clothes)

Brand logo: Evercool Water (Brand logo design Beirut Lebanon)

Brand: CoolCubes (Ice)

Logo Design Tip (5/5)

Always keep in mind that " if you pay in peanuts, you get monkeys". Cheap and inexperienced designers tend to wrap & pack anything for a quick buck.

A logo is a marriage that will accompany you and your successors for decades (or for life).

Color Choice (4/4)

This is a technical tip, when you finally decide on a logo, make sure you receive the color codes in both CMYK & Pantone™. It is recommended that the CMYK color codes end with 0s & 5s, some old printing presses can match a C25 but not a C23 or a C27.

No Photoshop!

A logo is best designed in a vector based graphics software such as Corel Draw™ or Adobe Illustrator™. This guarantees no pixelation in upscaling, downscaling or resizing and consequently eliminating resolution issues.

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