Logo Design IV Portfolio

360° Orientation Management Consultants - (Logo Design - Bern, Switzerland)

360° Orientation MC (Switzerland)

TMG - The Media Gate (logo design - Abu Dhabi, UAE)

The Media Gate

Mizany (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Mizany (UAE)

Polarix (by Emaar)-(logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Polarix (by Emaar)

CodaSys (logo design - USA)

CodaSys (USA)

Grillz Restaurant (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Grillz (Restaurant)

Agora Engineering and Development (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Agora Engineering

UNAR Aerofuel (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

UNAR Aerofuel

Metal Works Company Ltd. - company logo design Beirut

Metal Works Co. Ltd.

Abdullah Al-Fahd (logo design - Khobar, KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Abdullah Al-Fahd (KSA)

Master Your Life NLP (logo Design - Lebanon - Romania)

Master Your Life

Eventime Events Company (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Eventime (UAE)

AL-Faljan (logo design - Jeddah, KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

AL-Faljan (KSA)

SwiftPos for Profiles Software (logo design Beirut Lebanon)

SwiftPos (Profiles Software)

Faibros Investments (logo design - Sharjah, UAE)

Faibros Investments (UAE)

Beyond Technologies (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Beyond Technologies

Top 3 Events (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Top 3 Events

Pamela Body Shop (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Pamela Body Shop

Sentimental Gift Shop (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Sentimental (Gift Shop)

Footprint Events (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Footprint Events

Logo Design Tip (4/5)

Keep your logo free and try not to cage it. Boxes, circles, rectangles, frames, borders, etc.; all tend to act as barriers that limit design flexibility. Remember that your business card is a rectangle that will keep your logo from flying away.

Color? eh... No!

For Lebanon Only:

We are really sorry to mention this, but it is a fact we face on a daily basis, some firms reject a short list of colors fearing that they will be recognized as supporters of a certain political or religious party.

Go Grey !

Logo Identification

Always ask the designer to create couple of deformed alterations of your logo. Try to recognize it as blurred, missing some parts, or in a microscopic size. This is the logo's simple stress test against time, distance.

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