Logo Design IV Portfolio

Take your time to go through our logo portfolio (Just 5 pages and about 100 designs), below are less than 20% of our actual portfolio.

Towards the bottom of the page, we have included several tips and hints regarding logo design and color choice for potential clients, graphic design students and beginners in graphic design.

360° Orientation Management Consultants - (Logo Design - Bern, Switzerland)

360° Orientation MC (Switzerland)

TMG - The Media Gate (logo design - Abu Dhabi, UAE)

The Media Gate

Mizany (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Mizany (UAE)

Polarix (by Emaar)-(logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Polarix (by Emaar)

CodaSys (logo design - USA)

CodaSys (USA)

Grillz Restaurant (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Grillz (Restaurant)

Agora Engineering and Development (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Agora Engineering

UNAR Aerofuel (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

UNAR Aerofuel

Metal Works Company Ltd. - company logo design Beirut

Metal Works Co. Ltd.

Abdullah Al-Fahd (logo design - Khobar, KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Abdullah Al-Fahd (KSA)

Master Your Life NLP (logo Design - Lebanon - Romania)

Master Your Life

Eventime Events Company (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Eventime (UAE)

AL-Faljan (logo design - Jeddah, KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

AL-Faljan (KSA)

SwiftPos for Profiles Software (logo design Beirut Lebanon)

SwiftPos (Profiles Software)

Faibros Investments (logo design - Sharjah, UAE)

Faibros Investments (UAE)

Beyond Technologies (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Beyond Technologies

Top 3 Events (logo design - Dubai, UAE)

Top 3 Events

Pamela Body Shop (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Pamela Body Shop

Sentimental Gift Shop (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Sentimental (Gift Shop)

Footprint Events (logo design - Beirut, Lebanon)

Footprint Events

ADC Air Distribution Center (logo Design - Lebanon)

ADC - Lebanon

AutoParche (logo Design - Lebanon - Italy)


 Moment Cash(logo Design - Lebanon)

Moment Cash

JiOptic (logo Design - Lebanon)

Ji Optic

Logo Design Tip (4/5)

Keep your logo free and try not to cage it. Boxes, circles, rectangles, frames, borders, etc.; all tend to act as an internal barrier, remember that a business card is a rectangle that will keep your logo from flying away.

Color? eh... No!

For Lebanon Only:

We are really sorry to mention this, but it is a fact we face on a daily basis, some firms reject a short list of colors fearing that they will be recognized as supporters to a certain political or religious party.

Go Grey !

Logo Identification

Always ask the designer to create couple of deformed alterations of your logo. Try to recognize it as blurred, missing some parts, or in a tiny size.

This is a logo's simple stress test against time, distance and withering.

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