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Best 3D  Liquor Bottle Designs

Liquor bottles design is our flagship in product design, it is our primary specialty and passion. We have designed with elegance, class and style tens of glass bottles to cover the most common alcoholic drinks such as Whiskey (Whisky), Vodka, Wine, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac, Sparkling Wine (Champagne), and surely the Lebanese national drink, Arak.

KGB Vodka

3D Elegant Vodka Bottle Design

The vodka bottle was inspired from the era of espionage, intelligence and counter intelligence during the Communist regime of the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe. Branded as "КГБ Водка" which translates as "KGB Vodka". The bottle features a unique design with a Kremlin based cap and an embossed emblem. More at: Behance »

Slippin' Jimmy Bourbon

3D Elegant Whiskey Bottle Design

"Better Call Saul" TV series; and the character "Slippin' Jimmy" in Albuquerque, New Mexico who is a smart twisted slippery lawyer character whose full of creative schemes & crooked methods to twist facts and handle matters in an exciting way. More at: Behance »

Royal Executioner Gin

Gin Bottle Design

Royal Executioner Gin: A historical concept inspired from England in 1666 during the reign of Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland (1630 - 1685 A.D.) & his attempt to cleanse the palace of traitors and conspirators. More at: Behance »

katyusha Vodka Star Bottle (750ml)

Katyusha Vodka Star Bottle

Katyusha name is a long mixed up story, it could either be the famous Russian song, the weapon or the girl 'Catherine' whose finance departed to the war. More at: Behance »

Svetlana Vodka

Svetlana Vodka

Svetlana Vodka bottle is shaped in a sexy womanly figure wearing a revealing red dress and a neck choke, the design is slim and stands to a height of 39 cm More at: Behance »

Sol y Luna (Sun & Moon) Tequila

Tequila Bottle Design

Sol y Luna which means Sun and Moon, inspired from the respective Aztec temple of the same name and features a unique design representing the worshiped the celestial orbs More at: Behance »

Micanopy Brandy

Micanope Brandy

The name is derived from Micco-Nuppe who was a Seminole (Native American) Chief that lived and prospered near the Everglades in Florida, USA. His name was memorialized in John Anderson’s Country song “Seminole Wind” which inspired the concept & design. More at: Behance »

Arak Korkomaz عرق قرقماز

Arak Bottle Lebanon

Korkomaz is the father of prince Fakhreddine II (1572 – 1635 A.D.) who is more famous for his defiance of the Ottoman Empire The bottle's unique design features the dress code of the prince at that time More at: Behance »

Product Design Tip (2/8)

A maximum of 3 threads for the bottle cap are enough to seal the bottle. Make sure you use standard measurement for generic caps to fit. Even if your cap is not generic, the threads still must be.

Good Product Designer

  1. Never stop reading and researching.
  2. Don't just use products, take notes.
  3. Never get attached to a design.
  4. Think big, then scale back
  5. Be flexible, but not too flexible.
  6. Ask more questions (What, Why, How).

Be Careful (Design Planning)

Plan the design process carefully, if it does not work look for an alternative. If a product is too complex to design or get right, then it will be 10X more difficult in production. Simplify or Split!

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