Branding Portfolio (III)

Branding Components

Whatever is the nature of your business, whether is product or service based; branding is a must. You will need to brand or re-brand either your business , product or service sooner or later. We create brands from scratch based on reality and all the way to your dreams of owning a successful product.

We engage through all the branding process, from implemnting a branding strategy, to creation of brand identity, designing brand tools, launching of the brand and building the brand. Let's talk, we do free consulting*.

Arctikos Watches

Arctikos Watches Branding

Archery is a very famous sport and goes way back to when man created a bow and an arrow to hunt before recorded history. Arctikos is a brand we created for archery themed watches.

StrikeMaster Watches

Strike Master  Watches Branding

Strikemaster watches is a brand we created at 'web and media' based on drone pilots' fantasy of that ultimate time piece. The 3D design as well was created at our studios in Qalaa.

Primaqure Cosmetics

Cosmetics Branding

Primaqure name, logo and dark purple product color theme is another cosmetics brand we came up with to satisy a client that tried for years tens of design agencies that could never understand her taste of a perfect product.

TortaVola Flying Cakes

Sweets and Cakes Branding

The Italian name "Torta Vola" means a flying cake. The client immediately favored the name and was very impressed with the brand identity and fell in love with the glowing red color theme. Let us handle the brand design, you worry about perfecting production.

November Blues Whiskey

Whiskey Branding

November Blues, was a spontaneous name that we came up for an old whiskey company that decided to change their USP and engage in nostalgic music and associate it to its products..

Vinomo Wines 2023 Promotion

Winery Wine Shop Branding

In November 2022 our regular client 'Vinomo' wines of Sorrento - Italy, requested something unique to promote its wine in wine shops during Christmas & New Year 2023. We created this wine tasting station that carries a bottle, 2 glasses & 5 wine accessories (Not Shown).

Pearson / Gavin Technologies Inc.

Hi-Tech Technology Branding

At 'web and media' we created both the corporate identity & brand identity for Pearson / Gavin Technologies in addition to multitude of technical sheets and client-customized specific marketing materials and presentations. The rest is confidential.

SunValley Sunflower Oil

PET Plastic Sunflower Bottle Design

SunValley Sunflower Oil delegated us the task of creating a private bottle and a private label as well to differentiate their high quality Ukranian Sunflower Oil from the generic rest in the market.

6 Principles of Branding

  1. Brand from inside to outside
  2. Keep Quality as a Priority
  3. Be Unique, honest and Transparent
  4. Focus on your customer
  5. Build a brand community
  6. Remember, A brand is always a story

Best Brand Practices

  1. Stick to Your Strategy
  2. Audience Come First
  3. Maintain Brand Positioning
  4. Keep your Messages Clear
  5. Upgrade Marketing Strategy
  6. Always Test your Brand

Brand Values

Brand Values are the core values that your company believes in and stands for. A strong sense of brand values builds morale within your company and increases loyalty to your brand.

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