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Based on the type and category of the product, we recommend and advise the optimum packaging practice or method, thus in compliance to the branding guideline, marketing strategy, cost effectiveness, availability of resources, and other important factors.

We do as well inner protective packaging to prevent items from jumping and moving around inside the package thus taking into consideration stacking, rough handling, crashing (interior/exterior) and leakage.

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Whiskey Vodka Packaging

USvsRU Whiskey & Vodka Twins - USA

Tequila Packaging

Sol y Luna Tequila (Hybrid Packaging)

Vodka Paper Packaging

Katyusha Vodka 750ml (Paper Fold)

Old Oak Tree Rum

Old Oak Tree Rum - Jamaica

Bourbon packaging

Slippin' Jimmy Bourbon

Vodka packaging Svetlana

Svetlana Vodka

Katyusha Vodka Packaging

Katyusha Vodka (1L)

Zawzani Imam Arak

Arak Zawzani عرق الزوزني

Royal Executioner Gin

Royal Executioner Gin

November Blues Whiskey 12 Years

November Blues Whiskey 12 Years

November Blues Whiskey 18 Years

November Blues Whiskey 18 Years

November Blues Whiskey 25 Years

November Blues Whiskey 25 Years

Packaging of The World

Packaging of the World (POTW) started at the beginning of 2008 and has grown rapidly to become one of the leading packaging design blogs on the internet.

Over 30 of our package designs are fetured there. Check it out: POTW »

Packaging Importance

A fine package design is when you achieve the 3 essential goals: Protecting the content, better presentation of your product and brand, and adding more value to your product and brand name. Always consider the package design as how a gift should be packed.

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