Welcome to "web and media", a full fledged creative agency specialized in corporate identity, product branding and corporate profiles. With over two decades (23 years) of experience in this very domain.

We continuously adapt new techniques, explore new creative concepts and deploy innovative methods to cope with the ever evolving client demands and current trends to cover multiple perspectives of an unparalleled creative service.

Lately, we have ventured into 3D Product Design to secure the gap between Product Design and Product Branding and accomplished very satisfying results that are exhibited in our 3D Design Section.

Perfectionism, attention to detail and dedication still remain as a distinguishable aspect of "web and media" services in the creative field.

Our Major services @ web and media:


Logo Design

Your business emblem is what distinguishes you from others, describes what you do and certainly gets you recognized.
Never underestimate the power of a suitable logo. Always make sure to choose well, it is a lifetime marriage.

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Corporate Identity

The identity is more important than the logo, it is the personality and attitude of your business and how customers perceive you, your product and services. Mind that theme, atmosphere, attitude, tone and perception are always crucial.

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Product Branding

Branding is a vast topic that can't be fully covered in 100 books. It is not about labeling a product or slapping a sticker, on the contrary it is a delicate task that considers over tens of factors, and most of them are dictated by your consumer.

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Corporate Profiles

Every business faces a challenge when approached by a high-end purchasing department that demands for example a "Pre-Qualifications Documentation" or a company profile with detailed product specifications. Who to call? Simply Us !

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Our philosophy dictates our methods, we have been refining it for years and continuously injecting it with evolving managerial, technical and ergonomic skills. Those skills were so fruitful and has proven to enhance our performance, and consequently resulting in total client trust and satisfaction.

1. Approach
Our Approach

Our first step is to "Listen, Listen & Listen" to your requirements and comprehend your vision to understand more.

2. Research

ResearchOur first task is to collate all the input and prepare for an extensive research and poke inside competition and all types of similar businesses.

3. Process
Our Process

Just like a precision timepiece or a synchronized gearbox, each member of the team fits in his/her place to process the creative task.

4. Accomplish

We will share with you each phase of the latter process and keep you updated till you receive the completed task/work. All in record time and way before promised deadline.


In simple words, "web and media" is a full fledged design agency specialized in Corporate Identity & Branding with over 21 years of experience. Our Logo designs spread across 5 continents.

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We have received so far 9 Authentic International Awards from USA, Europe & GCC.

We are acknowledged of creating over 600 active company logos and possess the largest logo portfolio among all design agencies in the GCC & Mena regions.


As we do not follow trends and we will never do, we plan for the future in every design we create, each sketch is an innovation of its own, created to last for centuries to come. It is a question of identity not another fashion drift. On the other hand, our struggle in fighting plagiarism will grow even stronger.

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