3D Design & Modeling [IV]

3D Drone Design

The 3D designs below are mostly conceptual designs for training and fun purposes only, we do not engage or support any military or hostile activity of any kind and most flying objects below may not be realistically applied as they may lack logical aerodynamic properties; just enjoy the concepts.

Drone Concept (Shark Shape)

3D Military Drone Concept  Design

A tactical drone concept based on the shape of a great white shark chewing on a ball.

Gatling VTOL Drone

Gatling VTOL Drone Concept

A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) Drone concept with a Gatling Machine Gun just like the one on an A10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog). Technically it is impossible to run as the recoil of the gun would be so strong that it will flip it over.

S/VTOL Commercial Aircraft

3D VTOL Aircraft Concept Design

A Short / Vertical Take Off and Landing (S/VTOL) aircraft with swiveling electrical rotor mounts. That shift from a horizontal position (parallel) to the wings during take-off to a vertical position (perpendicular) to the wings during flight.

Concept Submarine

3D Submarine Concept

A submarine concept for marine exploration or underwater cable service with expendable robotic arms and multiple navigation rotors to twist and turn the unit. Equipped with multiple grooved mounts for headlights and additional accessories.

Watch: From 3D Realization to Simulation & Visualization

3D Watch Advertising Application

From 3D realization to 3D visualization is a multi-step process that starts from creating the object or product to creating variants and finally find its way on a brochure or an online commercial. The advantage is manipulating the product to correctly pose to the viewing eye in a correct angle and consequently playing with shadows, reflections and caustics.

Rotring Pencil Simulation

3D Rotring Pencil Simulation

This is the Rotring Tikki II 0.7mm mechanical pencil. It has been there for couple of decades. At web and media we decided to take the challenge and redraw it in Soliwaorks then render it to reality. We took the liberty to model all internal parts as well (shown above). Another example of 3D Design, modeling and visualization.

3D Stealth Drone Design - Night Sparrow

3D Stealth Drone Design - Night Sparrow

A Stealth-Drone Concept with an innovative "Cooling-Tunnel" feature that channels an additional cold air stream from an additional intake and additional exhausts to cool the jet engine and minimize heat signature.

3D Stealth Drone Design - FTAV BAT 110

3D Stealth Drone Design - FTAV BAT 110

The FTAV Bat 110 is another Stealth Drone Concept with a very very low height profile. The Camo Pattern style is higly effective during a "Scattered Cloud Sky". Mind that these drone designs are for fun purposes only.


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