3D Design & Modeling [II]

3D Food Products Design & Modeling

The 3D designs below are mostly conceptual designs that have not been executed but are interesting enough to exhibit here.

Glass Sauce / Dressing Bottle 3D Design & Labeling

Sauce Bottle 3D Design & Labeling

Creation of a 3D Sauce / Dressing (8.5 Fluid Ounces) Bottle for Sunday Morning Foods from scratch. The project included the 3D Glass Bottle Design and Label Design including a neck sticker overlapping a security sticker seal. The label area of the glass is pushed inwards by 2mm to avoid scratching the label.

Strawberry Jam 3D Jar & Labeling

3D Strawberry Jam Jar Simulation

Starting from a single closed and continuous line in Solidworks, creation of a label in Corel Draw, and editing Strawberry photographs in Adobe Photoshop, we created a shelf-ready product visualization for Sunday Morning Foods.

3D Wine Vinegar Bottles

3D Wine Vinegar Bottles

The 3D design of a glass bottle from scratch and the creation of traditional sticker labels, to rendering the product later on to exactly match the liquid contents color is what we excel in doing at "web and media".

3D Custom Shape Olive Oil Bottles & Labels

3D Custom Olive Oil Bottles

A custom shape bottle and custom shaped labels for Olive Oil. As shown in the 3D sketches above [Top Right], the bottle has a unique shape starting as a square and ending rounded up. The Olive Oil Bottle volume was meticulously adjusted to hold 16 Fluid Ounce (~475ml) and taking into account the glass thickness as well.

Hot Sauce & Soy Sauce (5 OZ) Bottles

3D Hot Sauce / Soy Sauce Bottles

Although the bottle is somehow a generic design, but the label is a master piece that belongs to our branding portfolio rather than to 3D Section. Look closely and witness the fine attention to details as well as the themed images of the neck label.

PET Oil Bottle

PET Oil Bottle 3D Design

A regular PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic sunflower oil bottle created for the SunValley brand to be produced and bottled in the Ukraine. The label is designed by Identity Dubai, our sister company in the UAE. The bottle features four major parts, the body, cap base with flow control, the cap and surely the label.

Tequila Long Bottle

3D Tequila Bottle Design

"Sol y Luna" which is in Spanish for "Sun & Moon", Inspired from the Aztec mythology found in the temples of the sun and moon in South America. It features a larger spherical shape (sun) and a smaller one (moon) and stands at a 39.4 cm high.

Don Lucifero Wine Bottle

Don Lucifero Wine Bottle

A fun concept 3D design of a wine bottle branded as "Don Lucifero" - The Devil, that requires no cork screw to open, just pull the rubber devil's tale. "Lucifer" is a popular TV series.


In simple words, "web and media" is a full fledged design agency specialized in Corporate Identity & Branding with over 21 years of experience. Our Logo designs spread across 5 continents.

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We have received so far 9 Genuine & Original International Awards from USA, Europe & GCC.

We are acknowledged of creating over 600 active company logos and possess the largest logo portfolio among all design agencies in the GCC & Mena regions.


As we do not follow trends and we will never do, we plan for the future in every design we create, each sketch is an innovation of its own, created to last for centuries to come. It is a question of identity not another fashion drift. On the other hand, our struggle in fighting plagiarism will grow even stronger.

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